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Zaffarine Islands
Islas Chafarinas (it)
الجزر الجعفرية (ar)
Geography (Geography (from ancient Greek γεωγραφία…)
country Spain Spain
Location Mediterranean (Mediterranean means between countries. The Mediterranean is an intracontinental sea…)
Contact details
Area 0.525 km2
Number of islands 3
main island(s) Congress Island, Isabel II Island, Roy Island
Climax Cerro Nido de las Águilas (137 m on Congress Island)
status Plaza de Soberanía, whose sovereignty is disputed by Morocco
Spain Spain
Autonomous city Melilla
Demographics (Demographics (in Greek…)
Population 200 inhabitants. (2006)
density 380.95 inhabitants/km2
Biggest town Melilla
Other information
discovery prehistory
Time zone UTC+1 (Spain)
UTC+0 (Morocco)
Spain location map.svg
Archipelagos of Spain – Archipelagos of Morocco

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THE Zaffarine Islands Or Jaafarin Islands (in Spanish islas Chafarinas) are a group of three small islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Morocco, 48 km east of Melilla and 3.5 km from the village (A village is, in the countryside or in the mountains, a group from Moroccan Dwellings,…) by Rahsu el-Mah. The Zaffarines are one of the areas contested by Spain and Morocco, such as the coastal enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the islands of Vélez de la Gomera (La Gomera is a Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean and part of…) and the El-Hoceïma peninsula. The Zaffarine Islands have been Spanish since 1848.

On the island (An island is an area of ​​land surrounded by water, be it that of a river, a…) Isabel II, Spain has a military base.

Property area: 52.5 ha

  • Isla del Congreso: 25.6 ha
  • Isabel II Island: 15.3 ha
  • Isla del Rey: 11.6 ha

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The Jaafarin Islands


Their Latin name was Tres Insulae (“three islands”). Their current names are the Spanish transcription of the Amazigh name “ICHFAREN,” meaning “coasts.”