Your loved ones can now play matchmaker for you on Tinder – L’Éclaireur Fnac

If you’re the type who wants to get your best friend’s opinion on your Tinder matches, the app has created the perfect feature.

One of the many differences between dating on apps and dating in real life is that you never have mutual friends on apps, which makes the choice all the more difficult. So why not get the opinions of one, two, or even fifteen people at your next meeting? This is what Tinder offers with its new matchmaker function.

Up to 15 invitations per day

Every day, the app user can send 15 unique links per day, regardless of whether people are registered on Tinder or not. All of these people then have access to the same profiles and can select them as they wish. Please note that this link is only valid for 24 hours.

The invited people therefore swipe right or left to recommend or reject a profile. You have the choice to link your recommendations to your first name or remain anonymous.

Only recommendations, no likes

To avoid friends trolling you or your family becoming too pushy, this feature remains limited. Your selection is only displayed to the user as a recommended profile, it is not a “like” information. Likewise, they cannot reject profiles for you. Of course, they cannot send messages to the profiles sent to them.

This feature is already available in fifteen countries, including France, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and will be generalized in the coming months.

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