You can enjoy this for just 13 euros "Best post apo survival game" which has 94% positive reviews on Steam – Millenium

If we talk to you about survival video games in a post-apocalyptic world, you will undoubtedly tell us about State of Decay, Dyling Light or even The Last of Us. However, forget about these essentials for a moment since the game we are talking about today celebrates its first decade in a few days and the player reviews are so good that the discount it receives makes it particularly attractive.

Project Zomboid: Horror at a low price!

It is common for Steam and other distribution platforms to offer more or less famous games at ridiculously low prices compared to their original value. The reasons for this can be varied, ranging from simply selling a portion of the retailer’s overall catalog to specific discounts on games from a particular publisher. Recently, for example, we saw that the excellent Tales of saga was being sold at a 50% or even 80% or 90% discount!

With this in mind, on the occasion of the upcoming Halloween festival and the celebrations based on horror and death, Steam offers you the opportunity to purchase the excellent and acclaimed game Project Zomboid at a price 33% lower than the usual price. And don’t let its somewhat crazy name fool you: this survival horror game has received almost 182,000 reviews since its release, 94% of which were rated positive, and the results are absolutely consistent with the reviews collected last month!

  • Project Zomboid: €13.06 (instead of €19.50, i.e. 33% discount)
  • Project Zmboid 4-pack: €39.52 (instead of €58.99 or 33% discount)

The first item will allow you to purchase Project Zomboid, the second will give you a copy of the game and three more to give to your friends. This can be a great way to have lots of fun on Halloween and beyond! Hurry up, that means you only have time until Thursday, November 2, 2023 To benefit from these two offers, you must then pay for the game at the original price!

Project Zomboid: From Temptation to Doubt

If you’ve visited Project Zomboid’s Steam page, you’ve no doubt noticed that the game is still in Early Access almost ten years after its initial release. In theory, that would be rather scary, and you might be wondering if the 94% positive reviews this game has are legitimate.

However, the reason for this “Early Access” designation is quite simple: the game’s publisher, The Indie Stone, has had particularly big ambitions for Project Zomboid since its release. The game has evolved tremendously since its release on Steam in 2013, and the craziest thing about it is that development is still very, very active: we’re talking weekly updates and at least as regular press releases!


In short, Project Zomboid is worth it if you like games of its genre and the opinions about them have not been manipulated or paid for in any way, as most suspicious people might imagine. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique world, you only have a few days left!