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Xaxi Ardia or Sasi Ardia
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Xaxi ardia in Guipuiscoa

Species (In the life sciences, the species (from Latin “species”, “type”…)) Sheep (The sheep (Ovis aries) is a domestic herbivorous mammal from the family Bovidae,…) (Ovis aries)
Region of origin
region Basque Pyrenees
Size Average (The average is a statistical measure that characterizes the elements of a set of…)
fleece White
Skin (The skin is an organ made up of several layers of tissue. Among other things, it plays the role…) redhead
Diffusion (In common usage, the term diffusion refers to a concept of…) Basque Pyrenees
Use Wool

There Xaxi Ardia Called “Little Manech” or “Gorri Ttipia” (little redhead), is a breed (in zoological nomenclature the breed is one taxonomic rank lower than the species…) French-Spanish country sheep (country comes from the Latin word “pagus” , which denotes a territory). Subdivision and tribal expansion…) Basque. her name is Sasi Ardi Spanish site.


It comes from the family of Pyrenean sheep breeds with falling wool. It lies in the western part of the Pyrenees chain.
Its name means “the bush sheep” in Basque. It is a recently recognized breed at the request of breeders who own an unlisted Manech breed. In France the number is 500 animals and in Spain 1500. The herds are purebred.


It is a rustic sheep raised alone in its natural state.


She wears a long, white wool that hangs down. Its head and legs are pigmented with red wheat. The ewe measures 60-65 cm and weighs 35-40 kg. The ram measures 65-70 cm and weighs 40-50 kg.