Windows: A new application allows access to PCs in the cloud from any device – Phonandroid

Microsoft has introduced a versatile “Windows app” designed for iOS, web and Windows platforms, giving you easy access to Windows PCs in the cloud.

At the Ignite 2023 conference, Microsoft unveiled a new tool that will allow users to easily connect to their Windows PCs in the cloud from virtually any computer. According to Microsoft, the app is available for iOS, Windows and the webbut something interesting appears in a screenshot that clearly shows thisApplication running on an Android tablet.

This “Windows App” will therefore enable users Remotely connect to Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, or your home computerthereby providing a unified interface for accessing different environments.

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The Microsoft application is now available

Although specific application details are limited, A screenshot points to a user-friendly interface that lists PCs in the cloud as well as individual applications. This suggests that users will have the ability to launch applications installed on PCs in the cloud directly from the Windows application launcher.

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In addition to the Windows app, Microsoft also unveiled various planned improvements for the Windows 365 service. Notable additions include GPU support, the introduction of new AI features, Cloud PC watermarking, and several other improvements designed to refine the cloud computing experience.

It now remains whether the Windows app can serve as the basis for a consumer version of Windows 365. Microsoft’s cloud PC offerings are currently aimed primarily at companies.

We hope that the arrival of such a request is an indicator that the company is now thinking about subscription options for individuals. After all, the idea of ​​a Windows app for iOS and Android makes perfect sense if the goal is to move Windows to the cloud for a wider audience. The app is Available to download now from the Microsoft Store and Apple’s TestFlight program.