Windows 12: We know a little more about its features and its release date – Frandroid

Windows 12 is expected to be one of the most important technology topics of 2024. While waiting for official information, several sources point to a June 2024 release.

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Windows 10 was in the headlines this morning and Microsoft continued to announce support, but for a fee. This appears to be a preparatory step for the launch of Windows 12. The rumor has been circulating for some time: Windows 12, also known as Next Valley and Hudson Valley, is coming soon. At the moment we only have rumors and a few leaks, but the details are starting to become clearer.

New features and strategic partnerships

The Windows 12 launch window would coincide with the launch of the Intel Meteor Lake and AMD Ryzen 8000 processors. These new processors will bring dedicated AI accelerators, more specifically NPUs, in line with the advanced features of Windows 12. Not to mention compatibility with ARM and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chip, which also has advanced AI features.

Windows Central announces that Windows 12’s key new feature will be an AI-powered Windows Shell (user interface), boosted by an advanced Copilot. This system would be able to continually improve search and workflows, understand context and offer advanced features. AI would also play an important role in improving Windows Search and enabling natural language queries.

Other advances in AI include: Super resolution Improving the quality of videos and games, as well as improvements to real-time translation features. In addition, Microsoft would also experiment AI animated wallpapersto create interactive parallax effects.

Beyond AI, Windows 12 would integrate a creation panel into the Start menu and File Explorer, centralizing Microsoft’s services for developers. Major power-saving improvements are also reportedly in the works, with features that could extend battery life by up to 50% on some devices.

A new “Green Energy” feature is planned to optimize device charging based on the availability of renewable energy. This last feature would undoubtedly be reserved for certain regions, in the United States it has certainly been around since iOS 16. Finally, Microsoft would consider a revamp of the desktop interface for Windows 12, with notable changes to the taskbar and other interface elements.

A possible release date for Windows 12

According to industry reports, the expected release date for Windows 12 is June 2024. This estimate is based on statements from executives of major technology companies such as Acer and Quanta Computer and is in line with the planned launch of new processors from Intel and AMD. The mid-year launch window would coincide with the launch of these new processors and provide fertile ground to take full advantage of Windows 12’s expanded capabilities, particularly in terms of artificial intelligence. However, it should be noted that Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed this date.