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The latest Insider build released by Microsoft introduces many new features. Windows 11 will soon support hearing aids and include a new option to easily share your Wi-Fi password via a QR code.

Microsoft continues to develop its operating system. In the latest Insider build of Windows 11 published on the Canary channel, the Redmond company introduced several new features, some of which are particularly interesting. The operating system supports, among other things, hearing aids with Bluetooth Low Energy Audio technology. Microsoft also plans to improve certain confidentiality options, but most importantly it will introduce a new option that will allow you to share your Wi-Fi password using a QR code, like on Android.

Windows 11 compatible with Audio LE hearing aids

With this build, called 25977, Microsoft is taking another step towards better accessibility in Windows 11. The operating system can now interact with hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth LE Audio. In concrete terms, this means that users who use these hearing aids can connect them directly to their PC. This means they can listen to music, answer calls or listen to anything broadcast on their PC directly through their hearing aid, provided their PC is obviously compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy Audio technology.

Better control over access to your location

Microsoft also just introduced new tools to help you better control and manage applications that have access to the list of Wi-Fi networks. This is important because applications with this permission can use this data to determine your location. You’ll soon be able to change permissions for any app installed on your PC by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location.

Rent request Windows 11©Microsoft

In addition, the Redmond company is introducing a new warning window that will appear when an application tries (for the first time only) to access your location information or the list of Wi-Fi access points. Fi. You may therefore refuse a request to access this information if you believe it is not necessary for proper operation. Note that it is also possible to completely prevent applications from accessing your location. To this end, Microsoft has provided a new option under Settings > Privacy and security > Location to turn off notifications when applications request access to your location.

New request location Windows 11 toggle©Microsoft

A QR code for the WiFi password

Microsoft has also introduced a new module that makes it easier to share your Wi-Fi connection password. The Redmond company, which has already introduced a new menu that allows you to easily view your PC’s Wi-Fi connection code, is introducing an additional option this time.

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The Wi-Fi password window will soon contain a QR code that your loved ones just need to scan to connect to your Wi-Fi network. You can access the module directly via the properties of your WiFi connection in Windows 11 Settings.

Source: Microsoft