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Microsoft is offering a nice surprise to all Windows 11 users who are installing their system for the first time. The company suggests killing time with a little surfing session.

Image credit: Microsoft

If you just bought a new PC with Windows 11 or decided to reinstall your system with a clean configuration, you may have noticed that Microsoft includes the following a very nice Easter egg when installing the operating system. The Redmond company actually recycled it Microsoft Edge Surfing Gamewhich, as the name suggests, can be accessed by entering “edge://surf” in the address bar of the Microsoft browser.

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Update sessions orInstalling Windows 11 promise to be a little less tedious for users. The Redmond OS waiting screen will now appear an “infinite scrolling” surfing game, identical to what Edge has been offering for three years with Microsoft Edge Surf. According to The Verge, the company discovered this surprise when first configuring Windows 11 on a Surface Laptop Studio 2.

Windows 11 gives you the option to browse while installing the update

When starting the Windows 11 update, the screen displays: “We are installing the latest features. This can take around 30 minutes. You can go or Play our surfing game while you wait “. This casual game is a port of Edge Surf, the hidden program that activates in Edge when there is no internet connection. The actual principle of these “infinite scrolling” titles is well known. To keep internet users waiting when they are offline, Google Chrome uses the same process (but in horizontal scrolling) with the famous dinosaur game.

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Obviously, the Windows 11 surfing game offers very simple gameplay and pixel graphics, which will especially delight nostalgics and fans of 8-bit aesthetics. In any case, it’s a nice gesture from Microsoft, whose operating system is evolving at an incredible speed.