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Microsoft announces the end of support for the historical speech recognition feature introduced in Windows Vista on Windows 11. The focus is on more modern and advanced alternatives.

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With version 22H2, Windows 11 has been enriched with a new speech recognition service called Voice access. Modern, efficient and versatile, it relies on AI and supports multiple languages. Voice Access is fully integrated into the operating system and can be accessed from the search bar or settings. And it’s even connected to the virtual keyboard so you can write texts with your voice.

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Voice Access is currently not available only available in English in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Microsoft plans to expand support to other regions in future updates. However, Windows 11 already benefits from a speech recognition function inherited from Windows Vista. What will happen if Voice Access is pushed worldwide by Microsoft? She will disappear.

Voice Access will replace speech recognition in Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Windows historical speech recognition. This demolition is scheduled for December 2023. If you still have access to it, you only have a few days left to say goodbye. This handy feature allowed users to teach the operating system how to do this recognize her voice to open applications or dictate commands. However, with the advancement of technologies, it is now outdated as there is no longer any need for training.

Microsoft recommends this feature to current users Migrating to Voice Access. This decision is part of the process of Microsoft modernizationwhich favors the development of New properties better adapted to the current needs of users. While voice recognition was an important accessibility tool, it is now being replaced by Windows 11’s new Voice Access system. This transition comes in line with recent operating system updates and the removal of old tools from Vista, such as the famous Cortana, have also disappeared this year.

Source: Microsoft