Windows 11, Microsoft fixes annoying File Explorer bug – GinjFo

Windows 11 December Patch Tuesday cumulative update KB5033375 fixes numerous bugs, including an issue that is more than a year old. It affects File Explorer.

Microsoft has taken the time to provide a solution to a problem that probably affects one of the most popular Windows applications, File Explorer. We had to wait more than 15 months for a patch to arrive to address an issue reported by many users since October 2022 after the release of Moment 2.

Windows 11 and the error in File Explorer.

The application exhibits strange behavior. Without explanation, it suddenly comes to the fore while carrying out an activity that has nothing to do with its tasks. This error is annoying because it can occur at irregular intervals and several times a day. It is not linked to any application or program. For some, it has even become a “nightmare” that seriously affects productivity. Additionally, this symptom may indicate that the PC has been hacked and someone is trying to open files.

The December 2023 Patch Tuesday Windows 11 cumulative update (KB5033375) finally offers a solution. Microsoft has quietly deployed and declared a patch

This update fixes an issue affecting File Explorer windows. When you don’t expect them, they come to the fore.

This is progress as Microsoft had previously only half confirmed its existence despite numerous complaints through HUB feedback.