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Windows 11 23H2 will be available soon. Microsoft is preparing to launch the Windows 11 Feature Update 2023.

The information is linked to recent changes observed on specific servers of the company. The operating system installation ISOs have been uploaded to the servers. However, the links are not yet available. This is a normal process observed with every new version of Windows. According to several indiscretions, it is Windows 11 23H2 version 22631.2428. We don’t know if 23H2 will arrive next week. When the time comes, we will of course offer you the links to these ISOs.

Last month, Microsoft released Moment 4 for Windows 11. This update caused a lot of confusion as many reported that it was feature update 23H2. In reality, not quite, as more new features are expected.

Windows 11 23H2, some new “DEV” features

Moment 4 introduced the Copilot Assistant for certain countries, but also a new backup application and a new Outlook. File Explorer has evolved to support new archive formats. To know the list of new features in detail, you can re-read our full file here: Windows 11 and KB5031354, here are the top 5 best new features “Moment 4”.

With all of this content from Moment 4, it’s logical to wonder what 23H2 will offer. Of course, you need to prepare for a minor update. It is said that Microsoft will offer Dev Drive and Dev Home.

Dev Drive is a VHD or VHDX formatted virtual hard drive designed for development workloads. It is allowed to create virtual drives using ReFS technology. ReFS is the contraction of Dquiet FIsland SSystem. Dev Drive is not a “single player” feature. It is part of a larger set of tools compiled for developers through the Dev Home platform. Dev Home is a kind of centralized Windows 11 experience

  • configure and monitor a system,
  • manage your projects,
  • and enjoy connecting to GitHub.

Windows 11 version 23H2 is supported for 2 years. Windows 11 21H2 has been discontinued, while the current version 22H2 will no longer be supported next year. Microsoft could release Windows 11 23H2 tomorrow through optional October 2023 updates.

Source: Deskmodder