Windows 11 23H2 does not require a more powerful PC to function properly, good news – Phonandroid

As Windows 11 23H2 enters the preview channel, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to ensure that the minimum requirements do not change. In other words, if you are already using version 22H2 of the operating system, installing the next major update will not be a problem.

When you downloaded the latest Windows 11 update, you might have thought it was the highly anticipated 23H2 version of the operating system. We can’t blame you: it brings with it a number of features that were originally planned for the update at the end of this year, especially since Microsoft’s communication on the subject was more than nebulous. So much so that many users, including Phonandroid, briefly fell into the trap.

Still, you can already get your hands on Windows 23H2, provided you participate in the Insider Program. In fact, it’s now available in the Release Preview channel, which generally suggests it shouldn’t take long to roll out to the general public. In addition, the Redmond company announced good news to its users, perhaps to compensate for the hiccups from the previous day.

You don’t have to change your PC to install the next major Windows 11 update

In fact, the Redmond company immediately introduced Windows Hardware Compatibility Program (WHCP) certification for Windows 23H2. For those who don’t know, WHCP ensures that the minimum system requirements are compatible with the latest versions of the operating system. And in this case, this certification has changed little compared to that of Windows 22H2.

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“The certification used for […] Windows 11, version 22H2, namely “Certified for Microsoft Windows 11 Client Family Version 22H2″ is still used. […] for the Windows 11 update, version 23H2,” writes Microsoft. In other words, if your PC is already running the latest available version of Windows, installing the next major update won’t cause any problems.

Source: Microsoft