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The Windows 11 23H2 update has a very annoying problem. If you use more than one screen with Copilot, display errors may occur. For some users, artificial intelligence is simply useless.

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You probably know that Copilot is gradually making its way to Windows 11. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence is installed in the taskbar, removing a button. Except that since the last Windows 11 2023 update (11:22 p.m.), the assistant is causing major problems that prevent it from functioning properly if you use two or more screens.

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A display error when using multiple monitors

As explained: If you use two or more screens at the same time in Windows 11, Copilot causes major problems. Microsoft explains: “On Windows devices that use more than one monitor, when using Copilot on Windows (in the preliminary release), you may experience issues with desktop icons moving unexpectedly between monitors or other icon alignment issues.”

In summary: desktop icons switch between different monitors and display errors occur. Which is very annoying for users who use multiple screens. That’s not all, as the update also blocks Copilot for some users. It is therefore temporarily suspended by Microsoft. The team is working on a solution.

Do not update Windows 11 23H2

It is Windows 11 OS Build 19045.3758 (KB5032278) that is affected by this error. So remember not to update your Windows 11 OS to 23H2 which introduces Copilot, otherwise you will suffer. Especially if you use two monitors.

When you perform this update, Copilot can no longer be used in good condition. There is usually nothing to worry about for Windows 10 users as artificial intelligence is being tested.

Copilot is one of the new features of the year for Windows. The addition of artificial intelligence confirms a little more that the company is from Redmond relies everything on this technology. That’s no small feat when Microsoft is looking for a nuclear power expert. Artificial intelligence requires a lot of energy to function properly.