Win a set of these "Natural beauty" Zero Waste and French – ID, L’info Durable

Are you looking for a way to have a positive impact on the environment without compromising your lifestyle? A place to find real products ecological and sustainable ? Here is ECODELO.FR, the eco-friendly online store for all your eco-conscious needs.

My brand ECODELO was founded in April 2023 by ELO and only selects French brands are 100% environmentally conscious to help you reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our planet. From reusable cotton swabs to washable sponges to erasable notepads, there is everything you need to replace your everyday disposable items with healthy and ecological alternatives.

She communicates regularly on Instagram under the name to use humor to “consume without polluting the environment“.

To win: A “Natural Beauty” set consisting of 8 French and zero-waste products

For this game, ECODELO offers one person the opportunity to win a prize consisting of 8 nuggets Environmentally friendly worth €102.

This set consists of 4 natural products and 4 sustainable accessories for a plastic-free and waste-free bathroom:

– A pink washable shower flower;

– An ENDRO brand “Good Glow” face cream;

– An ENDRO brand “Sensitive Skin” deodorant;

– A set of reusable cotton buds in a bamboo case;

– A toothbrush with a replaceable head;

– A “best-selling” set of 6 biodegradable glitters from the SISILAPAILLETTE brand;

– A cold saponified lemon bergamot soap;

– A magnetic soap dish


*My plastic-free bathroom*

Game instructions?

To try your luck and win the prize offered by ECODELO, fill out the form below.

Good luck everyone!