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WhatsApp Beta for Android allows testers to create a secondary profile that can be used with people who are not among their contacts.

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According to WABeta Info, “WhatsApp is working on one Alternative profile privacy feature “. The world’s most popular messaging app offers dozens of features and receives frequent updates, but there is one area in which it could still improve: user security. The ubiquity of Meta, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications in the daily lives of Internet users excites the attention of cybercriminals and other malicious hackers.

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WhatsApp has evolved into an all-purpose messaging service. It is not uncommon for us to communicate through it both with our loved ones and with our colleagues or even with complete strangers, for example when we make online transactions. This may be problematic for the security of our dataBecause if the company’s engineers try to close the security holes revealed by the mobile application, some hackers are ready to pay millions to be able to hack the famous messaging service.

WhatsApp on Android is testing alternative profiles to separate personal conversations from others

With more than 2.7 billion active users worldwide and 140 billion messages exchanged every day, the number of potential victims of scams is enormous. Latest update WhatsApp Beta for Android offers an alternative profile feature to hide your information.

Photo credit: WABeta Info

As seen in the screenshot, users can do this Set up a different photo and name This is visible to contacts who do not have access to the main profile information. People who are not in your contact list will see your alternate profile photo.

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This additional layer of security will make it possible Clearly separate communication private, professional… and others. Additionally, WhatsApp recently introduced a highly anticipated feature to its “Channels,” the ability to edit sent messages.