WhatsApp: Multi-Account comes to the Android application – Les Numériques

The highly anticipated feature by many users that allows you to be connected to two accounts on WhatsApp at the same time is here. The famous online messaging platform, originally available in beta for Android, has now rolled it out to everyone with its latest update.

A feature expected by professionals

Meta announced this in a post published on X. The social network’s official WhatsApp account notes that a user can now switch between two accounts on the same device.

However, this new function is at least initially reserved for Android smartphone users. It is aimed primarily at working people who can now switch between a work account and their personal account using the same phone.

Similarly, let us take the case of an e-commerce store service account. If it is used by multiple employees, each person can add it as a second account. Thanks to the new account switching feature, anyone connected to this professional account can read and respond to messages on their own smartphone.

To access this new option, the user must first ensure that they have the latest version of WhatsApp on their Android smartphone. Adding a second account is done in the WhatsApp settings menu in the Account Settings section.

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