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News JVTech WhatsApp: It’s THE practical function that many have been waiting for, it’s finally here

Published on May 10, 2023 at 10:30 p.m


If you find yourself lost in waves of WhatsApp messages in multi-party conversations, this simple new option may make it a thing of the past, but it will make a difference. Have faith, it’s coming very soon.

WhatsApp: lots of conversations, far too many messages

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. and it is very likely that you open it very frequently. You don’t need an iPhone and iMessage, you don’t need to provide your first and last name to add someone on Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to deal with crappy text messages, WhatsApp is a good solution.

The more popular the application, the more conversations we have, but also many groups that can quickly become intrusive. In addition to the ability to interrupt and mute certain conversations, What do you do if you’re looking for specific information but can’t find the message in question? You’re forced to scroll through hundreds of messages or search for the message in the conversation settings by typing text – assuming you know the approximate content of the message.

All this is not very practical if only we had a practical and quick solution to always have a useful message in front of us …

Messages pinned on WhatsApp, here they are finally

You can applaud yourself, WhatsApp heard your cries of pain and finally understood. The application represents a solution that many really expect to be a little easier to navigate when you want to organize something or not in a group conversation. According to the WaBetaInfo website, Pinned messages arrive.

As can be seen from the screenshots, It is possible to “pin” a message with a duration of your choosing between 24 hours, a week or a month. The message remains permanently at the top of the screen and is always visible. Practical for important or recurring information.

I talked to you about this back in March, and I didn’t think we would wait so long to finally be eligible for this feature. WhatsApp took its time, Mark Zuckerberg was heavily focused on his metaverse, and the beautiful WhatsApp may have been forgotten in his corner. The fact is that the wait was endless, but usually that’s all.

The function is currently not available. Don’t try, Only users enrolled in the WhatsApp beta program can preview the new features. However, once we reach this stage, it usually doesn’t take long before the novelty is made available to the general public. WaBetaInfo states that we should wait a few weeks before we can finally pin messages on Android and iPhone devices, but also on web and computer applications.