WhatsApp is introducing a highly anticipated feature for its “Channels” – Phonandroid

WhatsApp has just improved one of its newest features called Channels, making it much more attractive to use. Now administrators can finally edit sent messages.

Among the main attractions of WhatsApp are the channels being developed, which became available to everyone last September but which had already been present in the application for several months. Previously, WhatsApp did not have the feature to edit messages in channels, but the latest update fills this gap. This allows Meta to adapt to its competitors.

From now on, Individual messages within channels can be edited. When accounts or companies post messages known as “updates” in channels, they have up to 30 days to change the content of the message. In order to maintain transparency and avoid abuse, Edited messages have an indicator next to the timestampwhich notifies users when the message has been changed.

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WhatsApp will make its channels even more attractive

Editing posts in channels is pretty easy. On Android, administrators can easily Press and hold the channel message you want to edit. Once the three-dot menu appears, the user can compose a new message by selecting “Edit,” which can be confirmed by tapping the checkmark. The process is similar in a browser, with a hover gesture triggering a drop-down menu where the Edit option is easily accessible.

However, it is important to note that when an account edits a message in a channel, no notification is sent to channel users to inform them of the edit. Additionally, the editing feature is currently limited to the text content of messages; Users cannot edit photos, videos, or other types of media or files that have already been uploaded to channels.

Therefore, while this functionality is still quite limited, it is a welcome addition to allow administrators greater control over the published content. if you ever need to make a correction to a message. The feature is currently rolling out, but most channels should now be able to edit sent messages.