What if all comedians had their “Maison Stéphane Fallu” – Le Journal de Chambly?

Several comedians gathered at the Chambly Cultural Center last Tuesday to help Maison Stéphane Fallu raise money. THE Chambly diary took the opportunity to ask them what cause they would support if everyone also had their own house with the same name.

Stéphane Fallu, Dominic Paquet, Mike Ward, Laurent Paquin, Geneviève Gagnon, Dave Gaudet, Doug and Jeff, Mike Beaudoin and Samuel Vigneault made up the group of artists present at the Emma Albani Hall for the occasion.

Maison Laurent Paquin

“The anonymous eaters,” says Laurent Paquin without hesitation when the newspaper interrupts him in the middle of his meal. But we had no budget for food,” the comedian adds with a laugh.

Maison Genevieve Gagnon

“I would go to animals in trouble,” initially answers the surprised Chambly resident Geneviève Gagnon. After thinking for a moment, she refocuses the shot. “I would have more than one house, elderly people, homeless people, etc. It really worries me, the homeless situation. When I go to Montreal, I want to talk to them and I give them money,” she adds.

Doug and Jeff House

“Probably my split personality, my schizophrenia, my 1980s behavior breathes without stopping breathing, Jeff Méthé. If I had a customer, that would be me,” he says with a shrill laugh.

“It is certain that it would have an impact on young people. Your future really appeals to us. Without knowing the exact cause, we would find something that affects both of us,” adds Doug St-Louis, who has previously volunteered with young people in need.

Regarding the expansion of the Stéphane Fallu House, which this time will accommodate young women, the duo concludes: “Maybe the Doug and Jeff House would be a little sister…”.

Dave Gaudet House

“It would be the same as Maison Stéphane Fallu, but with a better chef. It would be a high-tech device with a ceramic plate, so the kids could easily cook something on it. And you can’t make knives. It’s about teaching them not to know,” explains Dave Gaudet instructively.

Mike Beaudoin House

“It would be something for the children. It would be in the same direction as Maison Stéphane Fallu, but to help more children who may have lost their parents,” summarizes the father.

Maison Samuel Vigneault

“I have a friend of mine who has stage four testicular cancer. When we found out about it when we were 25, it was pretty sad! I would join a cause that deals with cancer in men,” explains Samuel Vigneault.

The gang in Fallu

It was Chamblyian Stéphane Fallu who was able to attract all these beautiful people to the stage of the Chambly Cultural Center. He aimed the pole at his friends of humor. Depending on the availability of his various colleagues, several responded to support the cause.

For young women

The show in question helped raise money for the construction of the new pavilion at Maison Stéphane Fallu. The approach allows six girls to be admitted. To make the project a reality, the organization needs approximately $450,000. To date, $55,000 has been raised. “I know we will get there,” says Sandra Bolduc, director of POSA/Source des Monts. She would like to see the results of the initiative by spring 2024.

Alexandre Vezina

The presence of Alexandre Vézina at the mass was also noted. The man returned on October 7 after a 3,275 kilometer hike that he started from Chambly 100 days earlier. He ended up bringing home more than $38,000 for Maison Stéphane Fallu. Last Thursday he was welcomed at the Salon Bleu of the National Assembly. “It’s a great privilege, I’m very proud of it. For me it is a way to complete this project,” says Mr. Vézina.

  • Geneviève Gagnon cheered up the audience present on site.

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    Surrounded by Philippe Vaillancourt, speaker at POSA/Source des Monts, and Sandra Bolduc, director of the organization, Alexandre Vézina presented a check for more than $38,000 after his long walk.