Video game fans have their ‘Spider-Mario’ moment –

Friday is marked by two major video game releases: the highly anticipated blockbuster Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a first 2D Mario game in 10 years.

This double bill for gamers is reminiscent of what moviegoers experienced this summer, with the synchronized release of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” and Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” on July 21.

These two diametrically opposed productions – one film with a particularly dark story and another preppy, even childish – both had great box office potential. It didn’t take much to wow the internet with the made-up word “Barbenheimer,” accompanied by memes that merged the faces of the two summer characters on the big screen.

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With the release of the new Mario game on October 20th, whose graphics faithful to the Nintendo brand are comparable to the aesthetics of the Barbie film, as well as the highly anticipated release of Spider-Man 2 on the same day, fans of the Marvel franchise: everyone Elements come together to create the Spider-Mario web phenomenon.

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Several Internet users are already hinting at this on X (formerly Twitter), offering their suggestions for portmanteau words and images.

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Great reviews for Spider-Man 2

The sequel to the popular Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, Spider-Man 2, from California studio Insomniac Games, is a highly anticipated exclusive for the PlayStation 5 console.

In this title we accompany the two Spider-Mans Peter Parker and Miles Morales (both playable), equipped with new powers, in their fight in New York against the enemies Kraven or even Venom, who threaten to destroy everything.

On the Metacritic website, an aggregator of reviews from specialist sites and the public, the game receives a Metascore of 91. The specialist site VGC, which gives it a perfect score, claims it is the best Marvel game of all time. The website GamesRadar+, which also gives the game a 100% rating, easily rates the game as better than its predecessor.

Most critics praise a captivating narrative that stays true to the original saga, but also successful game mechanics and the quality of the urban landscape modeled on New York City.

The specialist site Dexerto is more nuanced and gives it a rating of 80: It’s a shame that the main story gets caught in its own web of disparate elements and falls just short of greatness. The IGN critic, who also gave it a score of 80, said he was disappointed by the open world, which left a lot to be desired.

Those who feel nostalgic for Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The new Super Mario Bros. video game was announced in June. Wonder, a first 2D side-scrolling title in 10 years (if we exclude the games in the Super Mario Maker series) for the mustachioed plumber character, is also one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

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The new elephant costume from the video game “Super Mario Bros.”

Photo: Nintendo

The game promises several new features, including an online multiplayer mode, a new badge system that lets you improve your swimming and jumping skills, but also the ability to transform into an elephant. This form allows the animal’s weight and torso to be used to the player’s advantage, especially in battles against the kingdom’s various opponents.

This is also the first time we hear the new voice of Mario, previously played by Charles Martinet and replaced by the young American actor Kevin Afghani, who also lends his voice to Luigi.

A smiling man in a sweater depicting a character from the Mario Bros. game series.

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Kevin Afghani, 26, plays the characters Luigi and Mario in the new game “Super Mario Bros.” Wonder from the Nintendo Switch console.

Photo: Kevin Afghani

In the race to see who can mobilize the masses more are Super Mario Bros. With Wonder and Spider-Man 2, Nintendo’s title is slightly ahead. On the website Metacritic, video game critics give the game a Metascore of 93, two points higher than Spider-Man.

The trade site VGC gives the character of Mario as well as Peter Parker and Miles Morales the perfect score and says that this is the most memorable 2D plumbing game since the 1990s.

According to GamesRadar+ (Metascrore of 100), the real star of the game is not the elephant, but the magical flowers that completely change the environment for a moment. They continue to add the unexpected to a truly brilliant 2D platformer.

The Dexerto site also offers the same differentiated score of 80 as the Plumber’s opponent: Mario Bros. Wonder may not dethrone Super Mario Bros. 3 or Mario Odyssey, but this latest installment embodies the essence of what a 2D Mario game should be. The reviewer adds that the fact that Nintendo is still able to offer an excellent 2D Mario game 42 years after the first title hit our screens in 1981 is a true miracle in itself.

The ball is now in the players’ court, who will be able to give their verdict on these new features starting October 20th.