Unveiling the video game October Nightmares – Le Journal de Montréal

Called Nightmares in October, the new game from the Chien d’Or studio, focuses on the October Crisis, the socio-political event that shook the entire country when pro-independence extremists kidnapped a British diplomat and provincial minister Pierre Laporte. An action which, as we remember, led the Canadian Parliament to enact the War Measures Act.

The game has been in development for a year and will be officially unveiled at a special evening at Tambour du Ste-Cath. The studio will also announce a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform to implement this unique project in the world of video games.

The video game October Nightmares Studio Chien d’Or

A cosmic horror game

In this game, “you’ll explore a Montreal neighborhood in the ’70s, investigate a supernatural phenomenon that gives its residents nightmares, and delve into the depths of the dream world to save their skin.” October Nightmares is a “cosmic “First-person point-and-click horror game that mixes exploration with puzzle solving.

The adjective “cosmic” here refers to cosmism, a literary philosophy developed by American writer Howard Philips Lovecraft that holds that there is no discernible divine presence in the universe. Read the very interesting sequel on Wikipedia.

The October Nightmares video game.

The video game October Nightmares Studio Chien d’Or

Here you can see the exclusive presentation of the project on the YouTube platform.