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Reproduction of bat mammalsSerotin is the first mammalian species studied to reproduce without penetration. Hinatea Chatal Hinatea Chatal November 26, 2023 3:30 p.m. 4 min

A scientific first reported this Monday, November 20, 2023, in the journal Current Biology. A researcher from the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland documents for the first time a Reproduction without penetration in a mammal : Serotin, a species of bat.

Nicolas Fasel studied common serotinscientifically also called Eptesicus serotinus, Thanks to a Video surveillance system in the church of Castenray, a village in the eastern Netherlands, and in a wildlife care center in Ukraine. Like many bat species, serotin is lives mainly at night and is rather discreet.

The erect penis of the male Serotin is seven times longer than the female vagina and ultimately seven times wider. The upright organ accounts for 22% of the bat’s head and torso length! Why is this flying mammal’s penis disproportionately large? And how does this species reproduce?

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“When it comes to reproduction, bats are very special, explains the researcher. Females of some species can do this store sperm for several months, delay their ovulation and even the development of the embryo. The males are often with huge penises of amazing shape.

Thanks to 101 filmed sexual relationships between different people, Nicolas Fasel realized that the serotinous man is satisfied press his penis very hard on the woman’s genitals to scatter its seed on the surface. To prevent sperm from being expelled, the man must do this Maintain your position as long as possible.

Duration of the serotin love game: an hour on average. But scientists managed to film a 13-hour mating! “Like birds, there is no intrusion, and the penis is rather used as a strong arm that prevents the female from covering her vulva with the membrane of her tail,” reports the Swiss researcher.

During the breeding season it is Serotine females are not very demanding when choosing a sexual partner. But according to the scientist, that could be the reasonShe internally selects the sperm that will fertilize heror simply reject the spilled seed if the male does not perform well.

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“It is also possible that the Females put males to the test test their skills during mating. If a male doesn’t last long enough, she was able to expel the ejaculate”, specifies Nicolas Fasel. The researcher states that these hypotheses still need to be proven: “There is still a lot to discover in the village church!”