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Windows 11, a simple trick to bypass its hardware compatibility checks

Windows 11 checks several hardware components of a PC during installation. The goal is to ensure that the computer meets its minimum system requirements. According to Microsoft, this process and its requirements are necessary to improve the security and functionality of Windows 11.

However, not everyone agrees with this discourse, as millions of PCs running Windows 10 are not supported. They therefore cannot “migrate” to this new environment and their life expectancy in the “Microsoft” universe is limited. Windows 10 will be discontinued in 2025. Reviewers claim that Windows 11 works fine on systems that don’t meet the minimum requirements.

How to bypass hardware compatibility checks when installing Windows 11?

This controversy quickly gave rise to solutions to “bypass” the system requirements check for installing Windows 11. Tools like Rufus are available for this.

With Rufus you can install Windows 11 on all PCs, even those that are not authorized to do so

There are also manual options to handle things like “TPM” requirement and unsupported processors. These different options make it possible to update almost any Windows 10 compatible device to Windows 11. Note that although Windows 11 appears to work well, some of its features may not activate due to hardware incompatibility.

In light of this “rebellion,” Microsoft has introduced a disclaimer to discourage users. The giant says there is no guarantee that “incompatible” Windows 11 devices will receive updates in the future, including security updates. In addition, damage “due to a lack of compatibility is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.”

Meanwhile, the search for ever simpler solutions continues. Continue this week XA user reveals a new trick to bypass the system requirements check when installing Windows 11. The operation is incredibly easy. It boils down to starting the installation with the /product server parameter.

To achieve this, simply open a command prompt window, go to the Windows installation media drive and run the following line

Setup/Product Server

Although this setting suggests installing a server edition, this is not the case. This is probably the easiest method to bypass Windows 11 hardware compatibility checks during installation.