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If you only need to take one charger with you on a trip, manufacturer EZQuest has it all with its UltimatePower 120W. From the removable European plug to the three USB-C and USB-A outputs that can power any number of devices at the same time with a total of 120 watts, it is so complete that we want it at home too. Expect to pay around a hundred dollars, and unfortunately availability is limited in Canada.

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We love

It’s difficult to get excited about a device as banal as a charger. But the American manufacturer EZQuest, which impressed us with its eight-port USB-C adapter in 2022, decided to entrust its engineers with it.

Here’s the result: the UltimatePower line of chargers, whose four models range from 30 to 120 watts, from one to three outputs, and are priced between $29.99 and $99.99. For several weeks we have been testing the most comprehensive model, which can power three devices at the same time with 120 watts.

Let’s start with the first nice surprise when opening the packaging: we have a “Europlug” adapter that allows you to connect this charger almost anywhere in the world. Apparently it can operate on voltages from 100 to 240 volts.

Another nice touch is that the very slim UltimatePower is designed to only take up one spot on a power strip. For its 120-watt output, it’s small, 35% smaller than a MacBook charger, for example. Finally, a two-meter-long, Kevlar-reinforced USB-C cable with a braided nylon outer shell is included.

Everything gives a nice impression of solidity and durability.

Enough beating around the bush, here’s what this UltimatePower charger can charge. We have three outputs, two USB-C and one USB-A. Yes, in 2023 we still need USB-A a lot, we like that some manufacturers remember this.

Both USB-Cs can charge a device that requires up to 100 watts, which is enough to power almost any laptop – with the exception of some extremely powerful gaming devices. In testing with three MacBooks and two PCs, these USB-C outputs were found to be fully compatible. Portable Apple and Android devices, phones or tablets, could also be connected to this charger. Obviously, these devices are limited and cannot be charged at 100 watts. Since Apple does not allow the measurement of received wattage using the Ampere application, we were unable to confirm what our iPhone and iPad can record.

However, a connected REDMAGIC clearly showed that it was in ultra-fast charging with 65 watts.

The third output of the UltimatePower charger is less spectacular: USB-A delivers a maximum of 30 watts. But we’re very happy to have it on hand for our old cables.

As you might expect, the “120 watts” that accompanies the charger name is actually the limit that the three outputs can deliver simultaneously. So we can easily have a MacBook Pro with 65 watts, a Pixel 8 Pro with 30 watts and an iPad or a Bluetooth speaker or an e-reader with the remaining 25 watts.

Our tests over several hours with three simultaneous charges showed the UltimatePower slightly warming up, but nothing to worry about.

We like less

Availability in Canada is very limited. Aside from the official EZQuest website, we actually only found one reseller, Amazon. And EZQuest is a pretty low-key manufacturer, which makes us a little worried about customer service.

At $99 US and $136 Canadian, the UltimatePower is expensive today.

You buy ?

For any user who needs to charge multiple devices, especially a power-hungry laptop, UltimatePower is very useful. When traveling, it is a blessing with its three outputs and adapter. In terms of reliability and stability, we couldn’t find anything to complain about in intensive tests lasting several weeks.

But of course we don’t pay this price for minimal use.

UltimatePower 120W GaN Wall Charger Model X50120

  • Manufacturer: EZQuest
  • Price: $99.99 (discounted to $69.99 at ezq.com, available in Canada at amazon.ca)

Rating: 9 out of 10