Ulefone’s Power Armor 18 Ultra series announced as upcoming performance-oriented rugged smartphones – notebookcheck.biz

Ulefone has announced that it is ready for the 2023 holiday season with its latest range of rugged smartphones. The Power Armor 18 and 18T Ultra are presented as the brand’s latest devices with temperature detection function.

The Power Armor 18T Ultra is expected to launch with the FLIR brand’s “latest” Lepton 3.5 technology, while the 18 Ultra makes do with an “instant-read thermometer” under its rear sensors. On the other hand, it benefits from the same 108MP sensor as its brother in the T variant.

Both devices also share the same build with a 66W 9,600mAh battery, a Dimensity 7050 SoC, a 6.58-inch 120Hz FHD display, and an Android 13 UI that includes a RAM Expansion allows GB plus 512 GB of internal storage.

This could be why the OEM is offering the 18 Ultra for $749.98 and the 18T Ultra for $999.98. However, both models have discount coupons that bring these prices down to $283.99 and $383.99, respectively.

These offers will take effect on November 11, 2023, during the first official sale of Ulefone’s new smartphones through AliExpress.

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