Ubisoft is planning a timed mode for Far Cry 7 – GinjFo

Far Cry occupies a prominent place in Ubisoft’s catalog with several titles including Far Cry 6. Although this episode has gained many fans, it has also been the subject of criticism, highlighting the need to include new elements to generate new interest when the next work is released.

One option being considered is to introduce an element of dynamism and excitement by providing a timed game mode. According to information from Insider Gaming, Ubisoft Toronto would be responsible for the development of Far Cry 7, with the aim of offering players the opportunity to complete the main campaign in 24 real hours, which corresponds to 72 hours in the virtual universe of the game.

Further details about the plot of this campaign were also revealed. The protagonist must save his family, which has been kidnapped by a conspiracy group called the “Sons of Truth”. This new game mechanic would be accompanied by other new features, notably the ability to interrogate enemies to obtain information, although this would not necessarily be reliable. Quite a program.