Tyrosse: Audaz Production revealed the Ganaderia for the 2024 holiday bullfight | – Vuelta A Los Toros

And that of the morning Novillada


In 2024, the Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse holiday bullfight will take place on Saturday July 27th.

After three consecutive successes linked to the trust placed in French breeding companies, our association “Audaz Production” and the Taurine Commission decided to present, for the first time in Tyrosse, a complete batch of the Ganadería Gallon Brothers.

In recent seasons, this French breed has achieved numerous triumphs, realized by the grace of three bulls, a triumphant bullfight last year in Aire-sur-l’Adour or even high-quality Novillos in Istres or Millas, where the breed was victorious the prize for the best bull.

This day of bullfighting, supplied exclusively with French cattle, begins with the traditional morning novillada without picadors, organized by the Tyrois Bullfighting Circle, with the iron of La Espera.

The full cartel of this bullfight will be announced in spring 2024 during a major free event organized at the Marcel Dangou Arenas.


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