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To make up for the lack of advertising revenue, the American social network is working on three new subscription types: Basic, Standard and Plus.

At X (formerly Twitter) the advertising revenue is no longer enough. So your CEO Linda Yaccarino may have found the solution: three separate subscriptions to replace the single X Premium and its 9.60 euros/month (ex-Twitter Blue).

The Bloomberg news agency reported on Thursday that Premium Basic, Premium Standard and Premium Plus subscriptions are being tested within the American social network. According to a publication by a user specialized in the topic of social networks, users who benefit from the basic level will also benefit when using

“Creators bring in less money”

In an interview with Bloomberg, Linda Yaccarino also said that “content creators were bringing in less money than before” for the social network. Since purchasing the platform in October 2022, Elon Musk has claimed to want to change

Neither the prices of these new paid subscriptions nor a possible launch date were announced. Above all, nothing says that X will remain free.

Thomas Leroy Journalist BFM Business

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