Triumph 900 Speed ​​​​Twin Green Stealth Edition 2024 – Motorcycle Details –


It is the story of a situs sbobet green tea infusion sleeping on the back of a pitch black night. Peaceful notes like After-Eight, where only the scents of mint and chocolate are missing to escape into the enjoyment. But behind the duel of colors, the smells smell of gasoline, a Gemini and a certain interpretation of speed. Who is it ? This is the 900 Speed ​​​​Twin in its stealth edition.

A member of THE 2024 Triumph collection. Its special feature? Tank tops with a black front that reveals a gradient of a specific color. For example, blue for the Bonneville, orange for the Scrambler, purple for the Bobber… It will be a beautiful English green for the average speed. This touch of glamor is nuanced and delicate while retaining its personality.

Triumph likes to show off its know-how with its collections. This will also enrich your reputation.
Like the bikes called Gold Line and then Chrome, the Stealth will only be available for one year. But before we get to the market, let’s take a look at how Hinckley prepares them.

Triumph 900 Speed ​​​​Twin Green Stealth Edition 2024 – 1Triumph 900 Speed ​​​​Twin Green Stealth Edition 2024 – 1

First step: predisposition. The tank is first prepared and painted with a shiny silver primer. This allows you to enhance the hand painting work.
Second step, the main pose. A graphite sticker is applied manually and continuously from the front to the back of the tank. The installation allows for a color gradient that reacts to light.
Third step: Finish. An intense candy color is applied in several layers to complete the process and give a translucent touch. One of the most notable features of stealth colors is that they are more or less intense depending on the light and the viewer’s viewing angle.

Dressed in “Phantom Green,” the Speed ​​Twin presents a welcome little touch of delicacy. Especially for a bike that wants to be the cheeky version of the Bonnie T100. The appearance is retro with more sweep in the lines, the charm tends towards neo-sobriety and the vitality is designed with 65 HP in this highly visible engine.
Here you are the exact opposite of an MT-07. We do not play provocation or jokes, but rather a trendy and reserved release. However, that does not stop us from taking advantage of some well-known advantages such as the two riding modes, a USB socket, wheels with machined spokes, switchable traction control, a chiaded finish and a saddle height of only 765 mm, all in a simple and simple design sad ride.

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