Triumph 1200 Bonneville Bobber Stealth Edition 2024 –


We certainly won’t be surprised why Triumph has added the defining “stealth” (discreet) to a motorcycle that’s just waiting to be noticed. Whether it’s his violent silhouette, his “Purple” tank or his rockin’ gangster face, this special edition Bobber will grab your attention without warning.

Every year his Triumph collection. Last year it was chrome. There will be a downgrade of the reservoir in 2024; with a more or less tacky color chart depending on the bike. The 1200 Bobber has the rockiest look of all, with a fleeting black that quickly fades into a borderline punk purple. This is a bike we would definitely see under the guitar attack of Green Day, Offspring or Prodigy.

Only the treatment of the fuel tank justifies the stealth specificity. How do you do that at Triumph? The process begins with the application of a base coat of high-gloss metallic “Silver Ice,” followed by a precisely placed “Sapphire Black” graphite gradient from darkest to lightest. Finally, a translucent, tinted varnish is applied in several coats to achieve a deep, rich top coat.

Triumph 1200 Bonneville Bobber Stealth Edition 2024 - 1Triumph 1200 Bonneville Bobber Stealth Edition 2024 - 1

So much for technology. Outdoors, under the sun or in spotlights, the big advantage of this work, which is carried out by hand, is the different color perception depending on the viewing angle or lighting conditions. The bobber is exactly a custom that is looked down upon everywhere. Everything contributes to this: the large front axle, that sulfur-refined rear with the sprung saddle, the fake hardtail rear axle, the slanted silencers, the engine that is straight like an i and seems to take up the entire space.

At first glance, this twin seems to be a monster. The 1200 lettering HT (for High Torque) on the block thunders like a threat. However, only 78 hp are produced. His strength lies elsewhere. The emotions play out more in his relationship and his sensations, with a presence worthy of a large dog chasing a rabbit. The maximum torque of 10.8 mkg is achieved at just 4,000 rpm, which is saying something.

The Bobber may look like it came from an American gang from the 60s, but its underside is very current. The accelerator is ride by wire, the headlights are LED and the driving aids are well hidden but present, with cruise control, ABS, switchable traction control and two driving modes.
To drive macho, alone, without imbroglio, with a pinch of LSD on the tank, the Bobber Stealth Edition charges 800 euros more than the classic model – I mean Modern Classics.

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