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Some discoveries can remain hidden in a glass of pastis. In fact, several researchers have from Chemical Engineering Laboratory From Toulouse studied the phenomenon that occurs when water is added to an anise-based alcohol. this is thatOuzo effect.

At first glance, we might assume that the phenomenon is complete once the two liquids are brought into contact. But on the nanometer scale it is a real storm in a glass of pastis, consisting of meetings and separations,” explains the CNRS in a press release.

This is exactly the process that gives the famous milky appearance to a glass of Ricard. The work carried out by researchers from Toulouse and published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science aims to better understand this Nanofabrication phenomenonto potentially apply it in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even food.

Involved in the production of messenger RNA nanovectors

The Ouzo effect is a unique example of spontaneous nanotechnology. This is an emulsification created by adding a certain amount of water to alcohol with anise essential oil (pastis, ouzo, raki, etc.). The alcohol and water mix and the oil spontaneously precipitates. “In this way, we obtain a nanoemulsion whose droplets scatter the light without any energy expenditure,” describe the scientists.

There Preparation of messenger RNA nanovectors is based in particular on such a procedure. The progress made in Toulouse concerns the speed of dilution of the drink. In fact, mixtures with a low concentration of anise extract have so far only led to the formation of macroobjects, i.e. molecules of larger size. Thanks to specially developed millifluidic mixers, the researchers managed to obtain nano-objects.

“A breakthrough of interest to researchers and manufacturers that will be able to produce nano-objects with complex architecture in large quantities,” welcome the authors of the study.

A physico-chemical phenomenon that is a good excuse for an aperitif…

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