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Happy Sunday everyone! We look forward to welcoming you back to our new selection of the 5 best videos from the world of 3D printing. We start with a touching Halloween initiative at a children’s hospital, where 3D printing adds a special touch to the holiday. Then visit NASA’s Langley Research Center to get an overview of the advances at their additive manufacturing center. You will then immerse yourself in the world of TRUMPF and its innovations in LMF and LMD 3D printing. Carbon then presents the new features of its Print OS 1.40, which promise advances in speed and efficiency. Finally, share a moment with Robert Murray-Smith for a steampunk exploration of gear-centered 3D printing. Let yourself be inspired. Good discovery!

Top 1: Dive into the heart of NASA’s Additive Manufacturing Center: Take a journey behind the scenes of aerospace innovation. In this video, NASA provides an overview of Advanced Manufacturing Building 1232a at NASA Langley Research Center. Discover how state-of-the-art 3D technology creates metal and composite parts for state-of-the-art testing. Marvel at Isaac, the advanced robot, as he transforms coils of composite tape into strong, lightweight structures with incredible precision. And don’t miss the spectacle of EBF-3, where metal parts are formed layer by layer using an electron beam. A total immersion in the future of aerospace construction!

Top 2: Halloween in Westchester, 3D printing for sick children: In the halls of Westchester Children’s Hospital, the spirit of Halloween comes to life in unexpected ways. Thanks to the magic of 3D printing, these little patients experience moments of joy, even far from home. From perfectly carved pumpkins to ephemeral ghost races, discover how technology is bringing smiles and happiness to kids and giving them a Halloween party they’ll never forget.

Top 3: Discovery of the TRUMPF printers: Immerse yourself in the innovative world of TRUMPF, a leading company in the field of additive manufacturing with a focus on laser metal melting and deposition. In this video we introduce you to the company’s flagship machines, including the TruPrint 1000, 2000, 3000 series and the environmentally friendly TruPrint 5000 – Green Edition. You’ll also gain insight into the impressive capabilities of the TruLaser Cell 3000 and 7040, specifically designed for high-speed RPDS production.

Top 4: Carbon introduces OS 1.40, the latest software development for its 3D printers: Discover Carbon’s Print OS 1.40 update, a game changer for the M3, M3 Max and L1 3D printer models. This improvement, incorporating force feedback technology, increases the printing speed of rigid parts by 25% and that of elastomers by 50%. For some users, the speed is even quadrupled. The goal: increased efficiency, predictability and profitability. Discover feedback and practical cases in this video.

Top 5: Robert Murray-Smith makes a pencil sharpener using 3D printing: In this new episode of Thinking ‘n’ Tinkering, Robert Murray-Smith takes us through the development and central role of gears throughout history. He then takes us into the world of 3D design using Tinker Cad to create perfectly sized gears. Combining the ingenious wisdom of the past with the latest in 3D printing, this tutorial allows us to create a unique and functional pencil sharpener. An ideal project to make yourself or give as a gift.

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Cover photo credit: NASA

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