Tim Cook is already preparing his successor at the helm of Apple … but is not yet ready to retire – Frandroid

In an interview, Tim Cook explains that he is already thinking about his successor at the top of Apple. Nevertheless, he cannot imagine life without Apple at the moment.

Tim Cook during his interview with Dua Lipa // Source: Screenshot of Dua Lipa’s interview

Tim Cook has been at the helm of Apple for 12 years and has been employed by the company for 25 years. Far from the image of a charismatic leader that Steve Jobs had in his position, Tim Cook is a meticulous strategist who knew how to diversify Apple’s catalog and, in particular, its revenues. Since he took office, Apple’s valuation has tripled!

If Post-Jobs was masterfully managed, what will happen after Cook? This was one of the topics discussed in an interview with singer Dua Lipa.

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Who will succeed Tim Cook?

The singer asked Tim Cook whether Apple had already planned his successor at the top of the company. Here is his answer:

We are a company working on succession plans. That’s why we develop very detailed succession plans, because the unforeseeable can always happen. Maybe I’ll take the wrong sidewalk tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t happen, I pray it doesn’t happen.

In the event of Tim Cook’s accident (which we do not wish for him) or his retirement (which we wish for him), an internal process to select his successor is already planned. But who ? On this point the managing director remains evasive:

I can’t say, but I would say my job is to prepare several people for success and I really want the next CEO to come from Apple. So that’s my job: to make sure that the board has a choice between several people.

Among the people in Apple management we can mention Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, who have an important aura and therefore could be well positioned. But the list is very long and those who are in the spotlight are not always the best placed.

When is the sequel coming?

When will this succession take place? As late as possible if we want to believe what Tim Cook confesses. “I love it…I can’t imagine my life without being there [chez Apple]Then I’ll stay there for a while.”

That’s all we wish for him, especially since a new important change has begun with the announcement of the Vision Pro.