This survival video game has become one of the most streamed in the world since its update! –

Gaming News This survival video game has become one of the most streamed in the world since its update!

Published on December 30, 2023 at 12:05 p.m


Escape from Tarkov is one of the three most streamed games on Twitch. A renewed interest since the addition of a major update. The editorial team invites you to discover this demanding title in this JV Fast.

Escape from Tarkov released its update “” on December 27, 2023. This new version offers a whole range of new features such as a new map, revised animations and the implementation of other weapons. On this occasion, the title experienced a sudden upswing in popularity as it became the first, most streamed game on Twitch. Developers Battlestate Games have also released their brand new software Tarkov Arena (a kind of Call of Duty with a Tarkov flavor).

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic exfiltration FPS. The principle is simple: you choose your starting equipment and embark on a mission with the aim of looting as much loot as possible before time runs out.. As you can see in the video, The title is intended to be extremely demanding and punishing, because death means the loss of your loot and equipment that you took with you during your expedition. You would have understood In this context, any noise becomes scary, as enemies can appear from anywhere. Each game lasts about 45 minutes, in which 10 players find themselves on a more or less large map. There are currently 10 cards available.

A challenging but rewarding game

This survival video game has become one of the most streamed in the world since its update!

Escape from Tarkov is not only stubborn, but also complicated because it doesn’t take you by the hand. Then you have to find out the individual technical characteristics of the weapons, bullets and cards yourself or on the Internet. Especially since its mechanics and content are very complete. At first glance, the game seems daunting to players, but it still remains accessible. As a matter of fact, Approximately every 6 months all players are equal as progress is reset. Additionally, the title features a Scav (Looter) mode, which is said to be more relaxing. In these games, you start with free stuff, which makes exploration less stressful since you’re not putting your gear at risk.

As you play, you will eventually master the gameplay and the different maps. In addition to this development The more you play, the more you develop your skills. For example, you gain strength by carrying a certain amount of things, your running becomes more efficient by sprinting, etc. Currently, Escape from Tarkov is only available on the publisher’s website, which updates it regularly.

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