This special shell can save you when you are in need – and it is a French invention – Journal des Femmes

This unique phone accessory won the Best Global Innovation award at the major tech trade show in Las Vegas – and it can save lives. How it works ?

Don’t you feel safe walking outdoors? What if we told you that a small device you put in a bag, jacket, or jeans pocket could protect you from possible attacks? This idea comes from the young company Safee from Marseille. Its mission is to “fight against the insecurity that weighs on so many people every day,” it says on its website. For this purpose, a team of professionals specialized in security has developed a phone accessory that will allow you to move with complete peace of mind: the anti-aggression phone case. This was awarded and received an award at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which took place last January best global innovation in the “Human Security” category..

How does this anti-aggression phone device work?

Concrete, What does it look like and how does it work? The product designed by Safee looks like a simple phone case from the outside. However, inside there is a small electronics box with several very useful functions. In the event of an attack, the person grabs their phone and can perform three actions by simply pressing the case: set off a piercing 130-decibel alarm to alert those around them and scare their attackers away from their location beforehand send designated emergency contacts, but also film the scene and retain the evidence for several days. The case is also connected via Bluetooth to a “companion” mobile application that allows alerts to be sent to affected relatives and emergency services.

Anti-Aggression Safee Smartphone Case

Anti-aggression smartphone case © Safee

The anti-aggression case, priced at 59.90 euros, is initially only suitable for the “latest iPhone models” (iPhone 12/12 Pro, iPhone 13/13 Pro, iPhone 14/14 Pro and all iPhone 15). to companies. However, Android owners can use another “universal MagSafe compatible device that can be connected to any phone,” Safee states in its question box. Anyone interested in this phone accessory can now order their anti-aggression case on the Safee website.