This Skyrim player is severely punished by the game when he tries a completely crazy experiment – Millenium

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One thing is certain, Skyrim will probably amaze you again and again! Originally published in 2011, The game will celebrate it 12 years in a few days, and who knows, maybe it will be reissued in a special edition after all…

In the meantime, fans continue to try things out, and between two installs of 20,000 mods on NASA PCs, this player shared one very special experience which cost a lot of time and money, for a not really epic result!

20,000 gold coins for a pretty strange experience!

Is there a liver crisis in the world of Skyrim? A player shared his very special experience on Reddit. The goal is very simple: Buy everything consumable in the game’s various major cities before eating everything to see what happens.

Pretty disappointing result: This is it the death ! No transition, and despite the amount of cheese the dragon son ingested, nothing happened, it was death.

The total cost of the races is no less than 20,000 gold coinswhich is not the case in a normal game.

The real reason for this player’s death?

While the Reddit post still reached more than 20,000 upvotesOne of the answers gives us more information about the reasons for his character’s death. Actually in the list of purchased objects from amelix34 A very special item was hidden, edible but not edible.

Jarrin Root is a component for potions, usually used as part of it Black Brotherhood, but this has a small additional effect. If a player eats it like that, you just suffer 1000 points of damagewhich was enough to kill our player instantly.

Other than that root, there’s probably no risk in eating that much, and the experience will have done nothing other than empty your bank account. All that remains is to install a mod to add liver attacks.