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Here’s another revelation of the talent that abounds in Quebec, the game Sea of ​​stars won the award for best independent game at the Game Awards 2023 (TGA) at the beginning of the month and now the Studio sabotage announced that the role-playing game (RPG) has more than 4 million players since its launch.

List of nominees for Best Independent Game The Game Awards

Available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch consoles and Windows computers, Sea of ​​​​Stars was released last August and is for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers, as well as PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers for free.

In addition to Sea of ​​Stars’ win at the TGA, Sabotage won Best Independent Game at the Golden Joysticks and was named one of the best games of 2023 by the British Academy Film and Television Awards.

“Sea of ​​​​Stars is my dream game, and to see its quest resonate so well with players and critics means a lot to everyone at Sabotage,” writes Thierry Boulanger, studio co-founder and game director of Sea of ​​​​​Stars, in A press release. The team behind this game is the most talented and dedicated I have had the opportunity to create Sea of ​​Stars with, and I am once again aware of their brilliance as we move forward with development of the next downloadable content (DLC) from Sea of ​​Stars, Throats of the Watchmaker.”

Despite new games being freshly released by major studios, Sea of ​​Stars sold 100,000 copies on its first day on the market and then reached 4 million players.

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