This Quebec AI app helps with our school homework –

Lia 27 is a Quebec artificial intelligence app for Apple iOS and Android. She has the ability to help us with our homework. The app uses multiple AI; Chat GPT 4, Midjournez, PalM2, Watson and Dall-E-2. What impact will AI have on education and will it make students better? In this column we explain how this AI works.

The use of AI is an important innovation. It is present in our society and in education. It is already having a major impact with several companies reviewing their ways of working.

A Quebec-based AI application wants to differentiate itself by helping students complete their homework and school work.

Thanks to its functionalities, it enables more effective learning and avoids cognitive overload.

Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence is bringing big changes to the world of education. Lia 27 will definitely be talked about soon.

Multiple AI to find the answer to our homework

The Lia 27 application stands out from other artificial intelligence apps because it offers parents, teachers and students the opportunity to complete school work.

It uses not only Chat GPT 4, but also other artificial intelligences: Midjourney, PalM2, Watson and Dall-E-2.

His skills range from calculating mathematical problems to answering questions in literature to finding answers to historical events.

How? Simply take a photo of the homework in question to get the full solutions in just a few seconds.

The app’s easy operation allows it to be used by groups of all ages.

An application with multiple explanations

Very often the belief in artificial intelligence is to do the work for humans.

Although the goal of Lia 27 is to provide solutions to homework questions and problems, this AI can be considered an adaptive learning platform.

The answers she gives are not flawless, but the advantage is that Lia offers 27 explanations to arrive at the results.

This ensures that students, parents and teachers have a learning aspect that enables the learner to reach their full potential.

Generate images and summarize PDFs

In addition to the function of helping students with their homework, Lia 27 also has the ability to create images according to our preferences and needs.

This option is useful for adding more life, for example in a Powerpoint presentation, or for homework that requires more artistic creativity.

To create an image generated by Lia 27, simply enter a description to get a result.

This feature is particularly useful for artistic tasks or visual presentations.

In addition, Lia 27 can also summarize PDF documents, which can be of great help when reading long or complex documents.

Using advanced AI technologies, the application is capable of extracting key points from a PDF to provide a concise and understandable summary.

In addition, Lia 27 is a conversation robot that can have a calming effect.

As of this writing, Lia 27 is only available in the Apple App Store. It is expected to be released soon on the Google Play Store for Android platform users.

As for the price of use, it turns out that it is free in October 2023. Additionally, the company explains that users can benefit from a 3-day free trial period before opting for a $9 monthly plan or a $60 annual plan.

It’s still interesting knowing that a subscription to Chat GPT4 costs more than that per month.

One thing is certain: artificial intelligence makes critical minds spill a lot of ink and use a lot of saliva.

Proof that AI is more present in our daily lives, with applications like Orthobot for creating high-quality content or this AI-based extension for writing emails.

Does artificial intelligence belong in schools? Is this a problem for school work and teachers?


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