This popular product presented to the dragons is undergoing a transformation –

Remember the impressive $1,000,000 deal made for the show “Eye of the Dragon,” one of the most interesting in the show’s history?

In this episode, non-alcoholic beer seduced the dragons. In particular, Michael Jean’s Bock/Ale microbrewery in Drummondville, founded in 2016 and a pioneer in non-alcoholic products in Quebec.

Nicolas Duvernois and Georges Karam acquired 20% of the company, an agreement that clearly stood the test of time for Nicolas Duvernois.

This week, Duvernois Esprits Créatifs presents the new brand image of its non-alcoholic beer Bock/Ale. With this, the company reaffirms its commitment to innovation and its desire to establish itself as a brand that exclusively offers non-alcoholic beers. A corresponding agreement has been made with Brasseries Labatt.

That’s why you can now find these cans in a newly designed, contemporary look on specialist retail shelves.

Check out an image below. IPA, lager and sour varieties are offered.

In his networks, Nicolas Duvernois writes: “On February 23, 2021, I met @_michael_jean_, the founder of @bock.ale, for the first time on the Drachenplateau. I was convinced that Bockale would make his mark on the beer industry in less than a few minutes! Over the last (almost) three years, I have embarked, of course with Michaël and my team, on one of the most important projects of my life, and this morning it is with great emotion that I have the pleasure of unveiling our new brand image for you! 🙌🏻Not only have we reviewed our visual identity, this development also aims to consolidate our leading position and lay a solid foundation for future international deployment in a rapidly growing non-alcoholic beer market! 👏🏻Many thanks to Michaël for his trust (even though I’m not the easiest 🤪 in everyday life!), thanks to my team, who have once again proven their talent, patience and resilience and of course, many thanks to everyone , who supported me with all my crazy ideas! Have a nice day everyone… and LIVE BOCKALE 🤩🍺 🍺 🍺 BockAle, beer of your choice 💚 »

After a final taste test within our team, we can confirm that this product is one of the best non-alcoholic beers on the market. It’s worth a try!