This low-cost “hack” will make your kitchen more luxurious, according to TikTok – Silo 57

Several YouTubers on the TikTok platform swear by placing these lights under kitchen cabinets. Check out this (very) inexpensive decorating idea.

Available on Amazon, these lights come in a variety of sizes and add atmosphere and a feeling of luxury to the kitchen.

The good news? Tenants can install strip lights under their closets without fear of upsetting their landlord. So there are good reasons to adopt the trend!

First of all, this set of 3 under-cabinet lamps allows variable intensity (cold, neutral, warm) to suit all occasions. To select the color mode and intensity level of the lights, it is necessary to install an application on your smartphone. The set costs $30.


The idea of ​​installing a 2 meter long light strip might appeal to people looking for an easy way to light up their large kitchen. Everything is attached with a double-sided sticker included in the set. Choose the color warm white to create a warm space. This set costs $25.99.


Light pucks are also available to provide pleasant light under your cabinets. This set comes with a remote control and is battery operated. The whole thing costs $80.


Note that you can place these lights in your kitchen to give it a more luxurious look, but you can also use them in your bathroom, office, living room (under decorative shelves), etc. Either way, here’s an idea that doesn’t cost much and adds a lot to a room.

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