This label will finally make it possible to identify images created by AI –

Launched on October 10th, the CR (Content Credentials) label will be a real innovation for authors. In fact, this mark is used to distinguish between AI-generated images and original content.

Adobethe audiovisual giant has taken a hit during his tenure International conference (MAX for the most intimate). The company launched its CR authenticity label to the general public. This logo appears on or next to the content. Of course, this is just a small mark. For the authors, however, it is a real reform. For example, we can better distinguish images created by AI.

For expanded copyright and misinformation protection

Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable tool in daily life. Some AI are capable of creating realistic images. Deepfake technology also makes it possible to use other people’s faces for content. And malicious users can even copy artists’ works.

Adobe is trying to combat these problems with the CR label MAX 2023. In fact, this logo will do it Distinguish between AI-generated images and original content. But this privilege is being introduced little by little. In fact, the technology will soon be available for video and audio.

And it is currently impossible to delete the CR logoeven with the most advanced techniques.

“Thanks to pixels, we can always find the information associated with the image” Andy Parsons, director of the authenticity initiative at Adobe.

A brand that contains important information

To the public, the CR label is simply a logo superimposed over the content. But it is an important source of information for authors. In fact, this brand offers access to the Date and time of creationnot. We can see that too Location and recording. It is possible to include the author’s name.

There is a section related to artificial intelligence. It is finally possible to know whether the images were created or modified by AI. This innovation is a significant advance in the world of high technology.

The CR label is currently available on the Nikon Z9 and the Leica M11. In addition to copyright protection, Leica also stated:

“Nowadays there is so much misinformation that we can no longer be sure whether it is a real photo or a made-up image. “We want to restore trust” Nico Köhler, head of the “Label CR” experience at Leica.

To benefit from this privilege, the user must enable the CR label option. The logo then appears on the image. It is possible to add it during Photoshop processing.

Microsoft is one of the first to be interested in the CR label. Bill Gates’ company will add this option for images created by Bing AI.

Other audiovisual companies, such as Washington Post or the BBC are interested in the project. Overall, the conference brought more than together 300 media.

But the technology won’t be shared with multinational companies like Apple, X (formerly Twitter) or TikTok.