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Your part of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, return or Sackboy: A great adventure is no longer limited to your television. Thanks to the new PlayStation Portal, Sony now allows gamers to carry around their PS5 catalog, a device with impressive capabilities… but whose price (just over $310 after taxes) risks causing more than a shock .

PlayStation, initially called Project Q, has caused quite a stir since its official announcement earlier this year. Did Sony want to offer gamers a modernized PS Vita or even compete with Nintendo Switch in terms of a portable console?

Not exactly. Because this new device recently launched does not in any way replace the PlayStation 5; It is nothing more and nothing less than a remote play device that allows gamers to use their console – and their game library – in different locations. We connect via the Internet and we take control of Spider-Man and roam the streets of New York.

In short, on paper, PlayStation Portal was fascinating. But only when you deal with it do you discover its full appeal.

Modern design (although a bit heavy)

First observation when unpacking: The PlayStation Portal cannot deny its relationship to the PS5, as the design is similar, even identical. Of course we kept the colors – black and white – but the curved contours are reminiscent of those of the console. In short, it is compact but remains elegant and modern.

But we also notice the weight. At around 550 grams (or just over a pound), the PlayStation Portal is certainly heavier than a DualSense controller, but also the Nintendo Switch. It’s obviously easy for an adult to use, but we can imagine younger players will experience some fatigue when handling it for long periods of time.

Fortunately, the performance is significantly superior to any other handheld console; We’ve retained the DualSense’s most exciting features – namely adaptive triggers and haptic feedback – for a more immersive mobile experience than ever before.

Sony has just launched its PlayStation Portal, PlayStation's first remote play device.

The PlayStation Portal will allow players to remotely access their library of PS5 games. Photo provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Stunning long-distance game

Technically, the PlayStation Portal features an 8-inch 1080p 60Hz LCD screen, ensuring gaming experiences at up to 60 FPS. It works well – very well, in fact – in his home. But the result remains impressive even when you move further away from the console.

So we left our PS5 at home, in the 514, and took a trip to the 450 with our PlayStation Portal. And in a few seconds – and dozens of miles away – we were able to start a game. The colors are just as vibrant, the loading processes are just as fast and the displays don’t lose an iota of fluidity. Our expectations in this regard were far exceeded.

However, a small disappointment is that the portable device does not allow the use of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Crave and other Prime Video. Have you been hoping to watch the latest episode of your favorite series via your PlayStation Portal? Impossible.

So is PlayStation Portal right for you? The answer is probably directly related to your budget. Because with a suggested retail price of $269.99 (plus taxes, of course), this device is a very expensive gift to put under the tree.

But those who can afford it will definitely appreciate the performance of their new gadget.

  • PlayStation Portal is now available.