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As the saying goes: Above all, don’t try to do the same thing… in your own space station! Lighting a candle in space carries risks. However, this is the experience that two Chinese space station astronauts just had. They wanted to show how flames burn without gravity.

In space, flames are spherical

And in such circumstances the flames burn strangely. No teardrop shapes like on our good old earth. In space there is the rule of spherical flames. The cause lies in the weakness of the convection currents, which allow the flames to spread in all directions.

Keep in mind that since the fire aboard the Mir space station in 1997, the instructions for astronauts in this area have been quite strict. Combustion experiments on board the International Space Station are carried out in a special rack. Even if NASA has also already carried out “open” experiments. But it was on board a ship… with no crew!