The transport of tomorrow – France Inter

It’s 7:30 a.m., you finish your coffee, look at your phone, open a single app that draws your route this morning on the screen, bike a bit to the subway, but be careful, don’t only the application knows all the possible journeys, the fastest ones, but also the crowds on each line, oh too many people on line 8 this morning, it tells you, take the 14 instead.

Is the idea to enable smoother travel?

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Yes, through applications and technologies in transportation. So you arrive on the platform of line 14, in Paris, the next metro arrives in 2 minutes, but you already see colors on the screen doors, on the platform, green, yellow, red, green, the train arriving is relatively empty, yellow , it’s a little crowded, red it’s almost saturated, so usually if you don’t want to press your cheek against the glass wall of the subway and breathe in your neighbor’s deodorant, you go to the green doors . Example of traffic flow.

And do these technologies already exist?

In Montreal for example, not yet in France, but the RATP is considering this type of artificial intelligence system that uses, for example, small boxes on the platform, counting cells that record the people getting on and off

Does this only apply to the train and subway?

No, even on buses, at your usual stop you can view your application and see, for example, that your arriving bus is 80% full. I’m not in too much of a hurry this morning, I decide to wait for the next one. It already exists in the United States and several communities in France are interested.

And are there new features when paying?

You may know what we call open payment, a terrible anglicism, it means that there are no more tickets, our credit card acts as a ticket, it is in Toulouse, Lyon, Chartres or Rennes, it will soon be in Nice, Marseille or St. Etienne, we take the subway or bus, we validate, we beep at the turnstile with our credit card, but there is one more step to wait: record payment…

After payment, what does this terrible anglicism mean?

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This means that you no longer have to worry about whether you take out this or that subscription, whether you want to make it profitable, you travel, you take the bus, the train, the subway and you pay at the end of the month, and you pay the best price, the algorithm will subsequently calculate the best price for you.

And we also expect something new at the national level?

The single national title – a project of the Ministry of Transport and its minister Clément Beaune – is currently being tested. The idea? A single card, a single subscription, for all transport throughout France, it exists in the Netherlands, it should arrive in France within two years, according to the Ministry of Transport.