The timeless PS5 console is available at a ridiculous price compared to the Slim model, a unique opportunity to take advantage of it – Ouest-France

The PS5 is now becoming the PS5 Slim. It is the same console, only much thinner, but it works in the same way and is equipped with the same technical content to experience the same intense hours on the console. So we should be happy to finally enjoy the latest version of the console, especially since it still integrates the Blu-Ray reader in the standard edition. The PS5 Slim is therefore the promise of incredible games like Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Assassin Creed and many others. The dual sense controller is an asset, as is ray tracing or the 1 TB SSD hard drive.

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PS5 Slim: enjoy it at the best price

Getting the PS5 Slim for Christmas means playing with fire. However, this is still possible if you subscribe to Cdiscount at your convenience, since this premium service allows you to receive your order directly to your home and for free. In this case it is playable. But what ultimately matters? You don’t buy a PS5 Slim for one day, but for the hours of entertainment it promises in the long term. It is offered by Cdiscount for 549 euros, with monthly payment for just 18.52 euros per month. And suddenly it’s a lot less unusual to treat yourself to the PS5 Slim, since it costs less than 20 euros per month. Also note that the same page offers the version of the PS5 without a Blu-Ray player, the so-called Digital PS5.

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