The Samsung Galaxy S23 is very vulnerable to attacks –

While Samsung highlighted an arsenal of security features for the Galaxy S23, the phone ultimately appears to be vulnerable to cyberattacks. At least that’s what these hackers say after hacking the model.

Hacking Contest: Galaxy S23 Hacked Twice in One Day

For several days now, white hat hackers have been competing for their ingenuity Prevent device and software security in Pwn2Own. It is a hacking competition sponsored by major technology companies and serves as a platform for the best researchers and hackers.

This competition makes it possible to highlight the weak pointss popular software, connected devices and operating systems. For example, some of the major reference companies in the telephony market (Apple, Google, Xiaomi, etc.) regularly participate in this event.

As usual, Samsung is also there. For the edition currently (to date) taking place in Toronto, The South Korean giant has subjected the Galaxy S23 model to a hacker attack. From day one (in this case October 24th) the phone was chopped, twice in the same day.

Identify and resolve security issues

In the mobile phone category, the Samsung Galaxy S23 was targeted by five teams: Pentest Limited, STAR Labs SG, Interrupt Labs, ToChim and Sea Security’s Team Orca. Pentest Limited was the first company to demonstrate a zero-day on the Samsung Galaxy S23 due to incorrect input validation. The team won $50,000.

The STAR Labs SG team received a cash prize of $25,000 hacked the Samsung Galaxy S23 by exploiting a permissive list of allowed entries. At first glance, being hacked so quickly may seem disastrous, but the opposite is true.

The event plays a crucial role in identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities. This benefits both the cybersecurity industry and end users. The impact of Pwn2Own extendsImproving the overall security of technology platforms and Promote responsible vulnerability disclosure.

Galaxy S23 and its many security features

Samsung has worked intensively on security for this Galaxy S 23 model. It particularly benefits from a advanced data protection system. The latter includes, among other things, risk assessment and compliance programs, blockchain security and application security.

The Samsung Knox suite provides robust device security against malware, spyware and other cyberattacks. The S23 also features an encrypted folder that allows you to keep confidential files and data safe.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is touted to be a powerful smartphone that comes with a range of cutting-edge security features. These features should help Protect device and user data against potential security threats. With the discovery of these new vulnerabilities, Samsung has the opportunity to strengthen security.