The PS5 Slim is revealed, the latest Windows 11 update is available, this is the roundup of the week – Phonandroid

Sony presents its new PS5, the 23H2 update brings some improvements, Crunchyroll joins the Amazon Prime offer in certain countries, that’s the summary of the week.

A week full of good news! While the 23H2 update is now available with lots of new features, you can now download One UI 6.0 on your Galaxy S23 in France. Manga fans and Prime Video subscribers will be happy to know that an agreement has been signed between the streaming platform and Crunchyroll. Finally, we take stock of what we know about the new PS5 and explain why the Pixel 8’s price is plummeting just a month after its release.

A new partnership between Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video

The deal between Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video should delight manga fans. Prime Video subscribers can now enjoy the entire largest catalog of Japanese anime and manga on the market. Currently, this new offer only affects Sweden, the United States and Canada, but Amazon plans to expand this partnership to more territories.

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Credits – Crunchyroll

One UI 6.0 is now available in France

If you own a Galaxy S23, you can now enjoy all the improvements of One UI 6.0. The latest update, which is expected to arrive on other Galaxy smartphones soon, is packed with new features. Visit our news section to find out how to download and install Ine UI 6.0 on your smartphone and take advantage of all the new features.

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You can now download the Windows 11 23H2 update

Microsoft has just rolled out the update number 23H2 and all users can download it. The Windows 11 operating system update brings lots of new features and improvements. This is how users discover the Copilot assistant, Windows lighting and even Microsoft Paint’s dark mode. Go to your computer settings to access version 23H2.

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Credits – Microsoft

Discover the PS5 Slim

User @phantompainss shared several tweets on X, lifting the veil on the new PS5. If the photos have now disappeared, we have had time to discover the device along with its big sister from 2020. The release allowed us to see identical connectors, a smaller format and a removable disk reader.

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Credits – Sony

The price of the Pixel 8 is falling

Although Google’s latest smartphone was launched just a month ago, its price has already fallen by almost 64%. In fact, a report from SellCell shows that the Pixel 8 has lost value very quickly on the used market. In comparison, the iPhone 15 has lost about 30% of its value in two years, which is far less shocking. If you want to treat yourself to a Pixel 8, now is the time!

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