The producer of this famous Capcom license dreams of a crossover with Pokémon –

Gaming news The producer of this famous Capcom license dreams of a crossover with Pokémon

Published on December 31, 2023 at 8:45 a.m


The Pokémon license is probably one of the best known in the world. Therefore, it is very likely that many publishers would like to work with him if possible. And although Capcom has licenses that can hardly be associated with pocket monsters, one of them would be quite suitable, according to the manufacturer.

In addition to Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter, Capcom has other video game licenses. If they have a lower reputation, that doesn’t mean they should be thrown away. This is the case with Devil May Cry or Ace Attorney, for example. The latter saw the light of day in 2001 with a final work published in 2021 under the name The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Some consider it one of the rare licenses to have popularized the light novel genre: Video games whose narrative is based on text (often simply accompanied by images that come to life) that provide the player with dialogue options.

It must be said that the genre is still relatively unpopular in Europe (it is more successful in Japan). Thanks to its context, Ace Attorney still managed to highlight that certain something. The player plays a lawyer who is responsible for defending his client. To do this, he must collect clues during the investigation phases. Of course also through the careful choice of his words during memorable rehearsal phases. Phoénix Wright’s “Objection!”, one of the playable characters, enjoys popularity beyond the license’s circle of players.

Pikachu in Ace Attorney?

In short, Ace Attorney is an essential video game series for anyone looking to warm up their brains. To attract an increasingly diverse audience, Capcom is trying to collaborate with other similar licenses. This was particularly the case with Professor Layton (Level 5 game series whose gameplay revolves around solving puzzles). On this topic, the producer of the Capcom series Kenichi Hashimoto was asked about other collaborations. And he has an answer ready!

Although we don’t plan on doing it, I personally think a Pokémon crossover would be fun – Detective Pikachu would be a great fit!

In fact, Detective Pikachu would be a perfect fit. Such a connection makes it possible to do justice to the common themes of the inquiry/investigation. But as Kenichi Hashimoto says: nothing is being done. With the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 24th, gamers have to be happy, and that’s not a bad thing.