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Securing your home with connected devices can require a significant budget. Fortunately, good deals are still possible. The Blink Outdoor + Blink Video Doorbell package, for example, is available for just 69.99 euros instead of 169.98 euros on Amazon.

The price of this security package with camera doorbell

Connected objects can be valuable everyday aids when it comes to monitoring your home and detecting possible unwanted visitors. Networked cameras and even networked doorbells, such as the models from the Amazon brand Blink, have a particularly reassuring effect in this regard. The time is also ideal to try out connected security without spending a fortune, as the package with a Blink Video Doorbell and a Blink Outdoor is currently on offer at a rare price thanks to a promotion of 100 euros.

The key points of this Blink package

  • Easy to install devices
  • A camera and a doorbell filming in 1080p
  • Motion detection available

First offered for 169.98 euros, the Blink Video Doorbell + Blink Outdoor + Blink Sync Module 2 Pack is currently available for 69.99 euros on Amazon.

A calming camera that films and warns

Since the Blink Outdoor is a weatherproof camera, it has its place on the outside wall of the house, but can also be installed indoors if necessary. Installation is a breeze: you need to create an account in the Blink Home Monitor application, available for iOS and Android, before plugging the Blink Sync module included in the package into a power outlet and connecting it to the Wi-Fi network . The included AA batteries provide an operating time of approximately two years.

Once ready, Blink Outdoor can capture 1080p images at 30 frames per second during the day and 720p images with infrared night vision at night. Video clips can also be saved to the cloud via Blink’s Sync Module 2. The connected camera also offers the ability to hear visitors and respond to them thanks to the built-in microphones and two-way audio system, or receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as a human presence is detected in your home thanks to motion detection. It is also possible to define “detection zones” to keep an eye on only a well-defined area without constantly receiving notifications, for example as soon as the postman or a delivery person enters the street.

Finally, note that the Blink Sync module is a great advantage since without it, live video and two-way audio would only be available through the application and Alexa in response to the doorbell ringing or as soon as motion is detected .

A doorbell that can also monitor outside the home

Just like the Blink Outdoor, the Blink Video Doorbell connected doorbell is resistant to inclement weather and other splashes, making it easy to install outdoors. It’s also possible to connect it to existing doorbell cables or equip it with two AA batteries, turning it into a wireless doorbell. Once installed, it not only functions like a classic doorbell, but also has a small camera that can also film at night in 1080p. It also offers a 135° horizontal viewing angle, allowing you to scan a relatively large space in front of the door. Motion detection is also available, allowing you to receive a notification as soon as someone approaches the house and even if the person rings the doorbell. Two-way audio is also included.

Finally, just like the Blink Outdoor, the Alexa assistant is available for all voice requests. For example, by pairing the two devices with an Echo-connected speaker, live videos can be displayed more easily on the screen.

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