The price of the iPhone 13 drops during Black Friday Cdiscount, an opportunity to take advantage of –

The iPhone 13 is in full action, Black Friday obliges, and you can take advantage of it now. Or wait for the price to rise.

Black Friday is the ideal time of year to change your smartphone, for example. The discounts are all bigger than the others. Even iPhones are no exception. This is the case with this iPhone 13, undoubtedly the best choice you can make with Apple. It’s so powerful that even two years after its release it still draws lessons from today’s most powerful smartphones and has no reason to be ashamed of the iPhone 14 or 15. Gaming, entertainment, multitasking, brilliantly retouched photos and video editing, nothing scares him. And it has the good taste of being in a 6.1-inch format, which has become rather rare and yet is so easy to use with one hand.

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An offer that won’t last

Obviously, the prices of all smartphones decrease over time and the iPhone 13 is no exception. And yet this drop is quite impressive, going from 909 euros to 699 euros. This is much more appealing, especially since you can of course pay for your purchase with Cdiscount completely securely within 4 months. And if you don’t hesitate with your order, you can save another 10 euros with the code 10DES99. Please note that the phone will not be in stock until December 20th. So this is the last chance to get it before Christmas. Subsequent restocking will be late for the year-end holidays. Finally, take advantage of the usual Cdiscount services such as CDAV to copy it at home for free and expressly.

Click here to take advantage of the iPhone 13 offer at Cdiscount.

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